What a curves! In a single and sensual garment, the body of the cousin of Shakira shines on your bed +Photo


The model and tv presenter colombian Valerie Domínguez revolutionized this Friday the Instagram with the publication of a photograph from your bed qeu caused sighs to many of his followers.

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Wearing only a nightgown black of sleep and being in his bed as if he was asleep (we don’t know if it really was), also known as the “premium Shakira” he made mention of the importance of rest and give your body time to recuperate.

With the question: What if we release and we let ourselves feel?” Colombia’s 39-year-old expressed his stance with regard to the days on which you do not have the mood at their highest levels, and how we should autotratarnos about it.

The former beauty queen said that these days are necessary to find the balance and he insisted on giving the body what it needs to recover.

The post was posted by various fans who not only emphasized the physical beauty of Valerie but also the spiritual, even several thanked him for this advice with phrases like: “Totally agree Valerie, it is something very normal in this situation of which we are not accustomed to. The gratitude, however, helps us in those moments, to appreciate that we and our we have a day more full of life and health. A hug and good vibes”, which made him a user.

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