What Adele and Harry Styles are in a relationship?


Could be rumors, but it could also be that your friendship has become a loving relationship. What do you think?

What Adele and Harry Styles are in a relationship?

31 January, 2020

The talented singer Adele a 31-year-old is in a great moment of your life. Newly divorced and with an impressive physical appearance after losing approximately 50 pounds, it is rumored that the british has already begun a new relationship with another English 6 years younger than her, someone who is also a singer. Yes, we refer to the former One Direction of 25 years, Harry Styles.

A source close to the singer said that Harry was a fundamental support after divorce Simon Konecki in September of 2019, with whom he spent 7 years and with whom he had his son, Angelo, 6 years old. “He has done that Adele see it under a completely different light and their friendship became a romance a couple of months ago. This increased the confidence of Adele and made her believe in love again after reaching its lowest point,” he said, after rumors that it already had a first vacation together in the Caribbean.

The same person added that Styles has played a large role in the dramatic weight loss of Adele. Supposedly, the singer developed a workout plan that combines with her successful diet, and even train together, taking advantage of the strong friendship that kept for years.

“It is still early, but she has admitted that she has fallen in love with him. But agreed not to press things and made a mutual promise that if the romance doesn’t work, it will again be friends, since losing Harry by full is the biggest fear of Adele”. said the source.

Neither Adele nor Harry have stated anything about it, but it could well be true as they share a great passion: music. For the love has no age, so it’s entirely possible that the story of a great friendship turning into a relationship. You want to know more details!

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