who is the new anti-Greta


The separate two years of age and a chasm of ideological. To Greta Thunberg everybody knows it: with only 15 years he began his own small contribution against climate change and now, at 17, has been declared person of the year by the magazine ‘TIME’ has their back two proposals to become a Nobel Peace Prize and, in its childhood, has managed to introduce the term of ‘climate crisis‘in the society and in the political agenda. Now, in the antipodes of this young Swedish appears your ‘alter ego’, a German girl of 19 years old who embraces the speech the opposite: “I don’t want to panic, I just want to make you think”. Naomi Seibt is 19 years old, is German, and acknowledge that for a long time it was also an “alarmist environmental”.

“I thought I was all that narrative that climate change is destroying the planet”, he says, but after “some research”, he considered that he had “a vision on its own and the solid on the matter”. It defines itself as a “realistic climate“and it has been made known thanks to a speech of denunciation of what he called “alarmism about the climate,” that “frightens, and uses the panic” as a tool for “restricting the freedoms” of human beings. In less than a year, has become a ‘youtuber’ referencewith most of 83,000 subscribers, and on Twitter, a platform on which was recorded the past month, has more than 25,000 followers. But what about where it came from, who supports it and what are your theories?

The theory that supports the 3%

“It is ridiculous to say that we deny climate changebecause the climate has always been changing,” said Seibt at the end of February before a hundred people in the united States. “The man overestimates greatly his power if you believe that you can, with CO2 emissions destroying the climate,” he added, according to ‘Bloomberg’. “In reality, the carbon dioxide (CO2) is a greenhouse gas less”, he assured in an interview to the chain BBC. The young woman ensures that the Intergovernmental panel on Climate Change alleges that the effect of global warming caused by CO2 emissions is high “based on its own computer models, but not in actual data”. “It is a big problem, because you are telling people that this is all based on science“.

The 97% of scientists supporting the existence of climate change caused by human

Although the studies are not well-rounded in this respect, the 97% of scientists support the thesis that defends Greta Thunberg, and who has spent years talking to each other: that climate change is caused by man. This 97% is extracted from a study that analyzed more than 12,000 scientific papers on climate change peer-reviewed and published between 1991 and 2011: that was the percentage of authors that supported the existence of an anthropogenic global warming, that is to say, produced by the human being. The head of communications of Greenpeace, on being asked by the BBC by the claims of Seibt, choosing instead not to get into a debate “over”: “it Is our policy to not get to appreciate opinions negacionalistas that go against the scientific evidence.”

Naomi Seibt, in the CPAC, supported by the Institute Heartland (EFE)
Naomi Seibt, in the CPAC, supported by the Institute Heartland (EFE)

The ultra-right after the new ‘anti-Greta’

“I am not a puppet of the right, nor of the climate deniers”: Seibt has made clear that it is not. However, after that speech, in which he denied that man was capable of destroying the climate with their emissions of Carbon dioxide is something of the far right. His address took place in the framework of the Conservative Political Action Conference (CAPC) in Maryland, sponsored by the Institute, Heartland, the same that on the eve of the Summit of the Climate of Madrid took place, also in the Spanish capital, a counter summit to defend the position that the “planet does not have to be saved because it was already saved 200 years ago”, in reference to the industrial revolution. In this meeting was Christopher Monckton, third viscount of Brenchley, today linked to the UKIP of Nigel Farage.

Seibt, claimed to the BBC that it is a “libertarian” and that usually doesn’t like to “align themselves with any party”. But also in that interview, did not deny his close relationship with members of Alternative for Germany (AfD), the party of extreme right, contrary to the immigration, the muslim community and to the European Union. Just a few days ago, Greenpeace accused the young German had gone in 2018 at a march in Münster under the slogan ‘a Thousand white crosses’, which was organized by neo-nazi groups, yes, counted with the presence of this type of groups. The same NGO reported a series of comments made by Seibt after the attack last December against a Synagogue in Halle, led by a holocaust denier of the Holocaust: according to Greenpeace, the young activist suggested to him that the “German common” could not be, among other things, jews, and also statements of Seibt in which it was considered next to nationalism white.

The canadian and nationalist white Stefan Molyneux, at a rally of the ultra-right in Australia (EFE)
The canadian and nationalist white Stefan Molyneux, at a rally of the ultra-right in Australia (EFE)

In particular, it defines as an “inspiration” to the far-right Stefan Molyneuxa ‘youtuber’ canadian known for his promotion of racism and scientific for their views supremacists. In a statement to british newspaper ‘The Guardian’, Molyneux said that it had always been opposed to any idea of superiority or racial inferiority”, while in 2019 made a statement, which is the one that Seibt was aligned in those statements. “I’ve always been skeptical of the ideas of nationalism white, identitarismo and the identity of white. However, I am empiricist, and I could not avoid realizing that you could have a peaceful conversation, free, easy, civilized and safe in what is, essentially, a country is completely white“.

Seibt defended this comment, saying that it was out of context: “It is not devaluing other races, at allis just describing his experience in the western countries, and I agree with that… Not that we are better in any way in the western countries, and that is not the point that Molyneaux is trying to enforce”.