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Actors and actresses, creators of moments and iconic in the movies and on some occasions, winners of important prizes of the industry, are well seen on the big screen but among his colleagues and staff are not very friendly, some have acknowledged that do not support working with them. A good example would be that of the deceased film actor, Marlon Brando, in his role as Vito Corleone in The Godfather, was considered to be the father of the modern interpretation, but is also known to create chaos in the filming by being very eccentric.

Among their demands, asking that you place an ice cube on the head by feel a lot of heat between the scenes, not learning their lines and refused to get out of your trailer. Like that of Brando, Hollywood is tired of these 9 celebrities, and stopped calling them.

1. Val Kilmer

It was one of the few actors who performed roles iconic as Bruce Wayne in Batman Forever; Iceman in Top Gun, or Nick Rivers in Top Secret; its fall was during an interview for Entertainment Weekly in 1996, where it listed its outputs tone, so that the magazine he was sentenced as an actor impossible. Within the interview told that at 12 years old he gave up a recording because she didn’t like the hamburger that was touting; on Tombstone told an operator that “I am a person is difficult but only with the stupid people”. On other occasions discussed with the directors and desahogaba destroying things.

Almost 10 years later, in another interview, he admitted to feeling sorry for not listening to their representatives, in addition regretted not having devoted himself to the performance, and only give attention to women. His name has only been heard when he was diagnosed with throat cancer and when he refused to receive medical treatment for their faith. In 2017, reported that he was already better health.

2. Edward Norton

His career began at the age of 27 with “The two faces of the truth”, he managed to get Oscar nominations and was compared to Robert De Niro or Marlon Brando. Their problems began when, in the post-production of “American History X” got into the fitting room and left out the director of the project. The version that went out to the cinema, lasted 24 minutes with scenes of Norton, this became an easy thing for the actor that he began to make in all his works. In Red dragon rewrote several scenes and there is a rumor that he returned to write the script of “Frida”.

There was a time that Norton rebelled during the filming of “Italian Job” in which he refused to do multiple takes, and advertising works when your contract so stipulated. In the filming of the Hulk to see that they were not doing anything that he claimed caused problems during his promotion and before that he was replaced by Mark Rufallo for the delivery of The Avengers. Marvel issued a press release in which it claimed that it wanted to “work with someone who shares the spirit of creative and collaborative of the rest of the cast”. Since its fall has only been working in some projects and as an actor in 4 films.

3. Lindsay Lohan

From very small she worked as a model alongside his brothers. The first job of Lohan was 11 years old in the movie Game of Twin and reached the top his career at age 18 with “Mean Girls”, from there his career has plummeted. In the year 2000 it became popular as the blogs of celebrities where criticizing the celebrities with a tone very cruel began to catalog the night out of Lohan as something serial, the internet was filled with pictures of her drinking, faint in the car or vomiting on the sidewalks. Everything got worse when he arrived late to the filming, applied her make-up between scenes, he asked that we write on construction paper their dialogues, and on one occasion spent the insurance money shooting in sushi.

The last thing he knew of it was that sold them voice notes to their fans for $330, I was faced with a contestant on a show is australian, almost kidnaps a child in Moscow, thinking it was a network of traffickers of children, which she transmitted from your account of Instagram. This 2020 announced his return to music with the song “Back to me”.

4. Chevy Chase

From his start on Saturday Night Live (SNL), Chase was the man’s favorite united States after the war and the Watergate scandal, after succeeding in the cinema with the delivery of “Fletch”, he was crowned by the Times magazine as the “man most fun of America”. His fall started when the to be a guest on SNL behaved unpleasant way with the rest of the guests, especially with Robert Downey Jr who on one occasion told him his father was in hell. Bill Murray also suffered one of his insults, comparing it with a piece of asteroid by the after-effects of his smallpox.

In 2009 he returned with the tv comedy but his behavior was the same and worse that all of your team insulted him at the end of the filming of the program, has Not been heard much on him, but according to many actors think that he suffers from delusions of grandeur and superiority. According to Chase, he sees himself as the creator of the comedy.

5. Steven Seagal

In the 90s, action movies were at their peak and players such as Jean-Claude Van Damme and Steven Seagal were the most sought-after, clear when not able to pay Silverster Stallone or Arnold Schwarzenegger. It all started to go wrong when on the set of “critical Decision” said to be the head of the production and made a key of taekwondo to John Leguizamo by to laugh at that. Another occasion was that during the show of SNL he asked to change all the jokes because I didn’t understand

The actor got both in the role of the law, which began a reality show called “Steven Seagal: Lawman” where he carried out raids on homes of suspects of crimes, on one occasion it got into the house of an organiser of cock fights with a tank, during this search died 115 roosters and a dog. Seagal has been accused of sexual harassment more than 13 women and within the wave of allegations #MeToo, two actresses confessed that they were harassed by the actor. He currently lives in Russia.

6. Faye Dunaway

Known for her role in Bonnie & Clyde, is ranked as one of the most difficult of Hollywood. From the beginning of his career, many did not like the idea of working together with her, even Roman Polanski called her crazy during an argument in the filming of Chinatown. It was at that same shoot where she threw a glass of piss to stop for a few minutes recording. His attitude changed from grumpy to diva, demanded the seats of business and if the airline did not give it she would go crazy, it required a ramp for the disabled even though she did not need it, forbade him entrance to his dressing room to the costume designer for a movie.

Currently Faye is missing, his last appearance in public was during the Oscars where she presented the award for best film in 2017. In addition was fired from works of theatre by arriving late for rehearsals and his eccentricities as to prohibit the white clothes inside the cast. In 2015 received a complaint of emotional abuse to have hit a woman who was trying to put on a wig.

7. Bill Murray

Character iconic of the 80’s movie “Ghostbusters”, famous to fans, but to the people in the film he is recognized as the cynicism personified. In the filming of “What about Bob? he was aggressive with Richard Dreyfuss to the point of throwing an ashtray of glass, on another occasion he spent displeased with the director for having been chosen due to that Tom Hanks had said no.

Considered as a person irrational, Murray ensures that his behavior is by working with people who don’t like you. In other productions she reacted in the same way aggressive with anyone who told him otherwise.

8. Dustin Hoffman

Known for improvising tricks in the movies, Hoffman was throwing objects, but not warned and occurring disasters within the production, as in Kramer vs. Kramer where he threw a glass of wine to Meryl Streep or give a slap to John Cazale. Hoffman earned the reputation of act causing true emotions, for example, in a scene from Kramer, he had to talk with a child and he ended up telling the story of a dead dog.

In addition he asked that they rewrite the scripts and in the film of Agatha demanded to be the protagonist of his two scenes and not speaking to his companion of set, Vanessa Redgrave. In the present, Hoffman has not stopped working but every time less. In 2017, was charged with harass to 7 women.

9. Katherine Heigl

One of the favorite characters of his time on Grey’s Anatomy for his role as dr. Izzie Stevens, in addition to interpret several romantic comedies became one of the star best paid of his time, but his personality and demands they cut the wings to the actress. Heigl complained constantly of the hours of recording of the number of doctors and asked for change all the time. Withdrew from the awards Emmy’s because according to her, had not characters to your height and also boycotted the promotion of “Mess is Embarrassing”, claiming that there was a lot of machismo in the tape.

He was very demanding, calling for presidential suites, special treatment for his mother/manager, asking for special clauses that allowed him to rewrite the script, he returned all of his food and clothing, among other things. His publicist said that to her they were all liars. Heigl has tried to return to the film several times; almost comes back with a series but was cancelled before its release. In 2013 an article was published with all of the reviews on it, from there the career, Heigl has not progressed. (E)