Will Smith debuts a program from the quarantine through Snapchat – Telam

The actor, musician and american producer Will Smith premiered “Will From Home”, a series for the messaging application Snapchat which opens to the public on their day-to-day in social isolation for the pandemic coronavirus.

The series is composed of 12 chapters, a new one every Monday, convention and Friday, and will be the star of “Men in Black” showing his usual sense of humor in the garage of his home, conversing with his family or holding video calls with other celebrities such as former model and host of TV Tyra Banks.

Produced by your company Westbrook Media, which he founded together with his wife, the also actress Jada Pinkett Smith, “Will From Home” (or “Will-from-home) is part of the response to the application of mobile messaging to the pandemic.

For a long time Snapchat has been producing series of fiction and non-fiction specifically to be reproduced in the cell, but now launched a series of programs related to news of the Covid-19, in association with the giants of the news in the united States such as CNN, NBS News and the Wall Street Journal.

Will Smith is one of the great figures of Hollywood’s best and most quickly understood the value that may have social networks to communicate with their fans and, of course, promote their films and work.

Some years ago, which significantly reduced its participation in the traditional circuit-interviews of journalists to talk about his films, and dedicates much more energy to their networks.

On Facebook, has 84 million fans, and last year, premiered exclusively on that platform in his series “Will Smith’s Bucket List”, in which he was traveling the world with his family fulfilling their dreams pending.

On Instagram is also very active and produces content native to their 43.8 million followers; something similar to what you do in your channel in YouTube, where it has nearly 8 million subscribers.

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