You have the heir! Justin Bieber found his successor… what a talent!


Justin Bieber he was only 26 years old and already a path extensive in the universe of the show, it is clear that this is because he began his career with only 14 years and was successful from the first day.

While the interpreter it is still a very young man, little by little many you know who can become the heir of the fame and musical success that the canadian reached in a very short time

In the year 2008, the producer Scooter Braun was the one who opted for the child up to that time was devoted to sharing covers on a YouTube channel.

The businessman has also been charged with launching the careers of other figures young people such as Taylor Swift and Ariana Grande, apparently you might already have your eye set on another promise.

We are talking about the younger brother the canadian, Jaxon Bieber, who could follow in his footsteps. This came to light after a publication of the singer of “Baby” in that it is seen by the child playing drums.

Starting to see Jaxon in the same way that I could see Justin a few years ago, triggered the possibility that the young artist already has a heir to the throne.

The posting immediately reached one million “likes” and through comments it was possible to observe that the idea that Jaxon would follow in the footsteps of your family fell very, very, very well.