Yuliett Towers in leggings as well (and no one tells him to go to his house)


Yuliett Towers looks better every day and there is no image that says otherwise. Everything seems to indicate that you do not stop training even a day, so nothing disturbs its planning to preserve the body. In addition, he has entertained his audience by sharing that sensuality, beauty and warmth that is never over.

In order to continue lavishing all its attractiveness, has posted a picture that speaks for itself. The outfit for this occasion is made up of a set sporty two-piece in dark gray color, which contrasts beautifully with her white skin.

The leggings fits tailored to the body of the mexican, highlighting a rearguard so perfect that it seems science fiction. In turn, the design of the sport cloth incorporates a few points on black that line the sides of all the attire, providing it with originality and comfort.

Yuliett escaped to take a little bit of sunshine and took advantage of sending your charm and seduction through the camera to your 5.7 million followers. The native of Jalisco in a blink of an eye has exceeded 140 thousand likes.

Yuliett Towers and their skin treatments

For the model, the look a beautiful skin and a firm primarily due to the routines of healthy living. In that sense, they are required some care, both to slow down aging, to prevent cellulite, age spots and sagging. The influencer usually to nurture your skin inside and out, for example, to keep it moist drink a lot of water (2.4 liter / day) and uses creams that nourish.

In the actual modeling of your skin, the young mexican with the help of specialized professionals, who will recommend innovative treatments. In this way, you get benefits for maintaining the volume, elasticity, prevent cellulite and firming, as well as the adhesion of the skin to the muscle. The results are obvious, since Yuliett Towers don’t lose a single detail.