Yungblud suffered his first heartbreak after the separation of Halsey


2020-04-26 18:30:07

Yungblud had her “heart broken for the first time” after her separation from Halsey the past year, because, he said, that “never met anyone” like her.

Yungblud had her “heart broken for the first time” after separating from Halsey.

The 22 year-old singer has stated that “considered suicide” when he ended his romance with the creator of hits ‘Without me’ last year, because it was the first time that he had gone through the devastation of the broken heart.

To see the singer of 25 years, Yungblud, whose real name is Dominic Harrison, said to the magazine Culture of the newspaper The Sunday Times: “it Was very strange when I met her. She shone with this attitude to life that was exactly like mine. I had never met anybody like that. She just shone. But the last year and a half has been mental. I nearly lost my mother in a car accident. I broke my heart for the first time, that changes you a little. a lot. I thought of suicide “.

After its separation from the ‘hey Stranger!’ Hitsey, Halsey, who also fell in love with G-Eazy, began dating actor Evan Peters, because he promised not to go out with another musician, because I always end up talking about work.

She said: “A friend of mine, another female artist who has been criticized for coming out with many people, he said: ‘Ashley, you have to live your fucking life and ignore what people say to you’.

“And now I keep everything for me in terms of my romantic relationships. I will say that it is good not to go out with another musician because your work follows you everywhere”.

“Now it’s my personal life, so that I can go home with someone I love and spend time with them, and this is not working”.

It is believed that Halsey was separated from the actor from ‘American Horror Story’ after removing all traces of him from its account of Instagram, and has become to put in contact with Yungblud.

The singer of ‘Clementine’ sparked rumours of a reconciliation when he posted a picture of your food on your history of Instagram last month and wrote: “My first attempt to make a supper Sunday #YorkshireCertified. The supplies were limited.”

The british singer re-released the image and wrote: “Can confirm”.

Neither Halsey nor Yungblud have commented on the state of their relationship.

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