5 curiosities about the life of Margot Robbie


Margot Elise Robbie, known in Hollywood as Margot Robbie, is one of the actresses most notable film in recent years. However, the australian was born July 2, 1990, has a life full of curiosities.

Discover 5 of them:

1. Is an artist of the circus

Even deciding to be an actress at the age of fifteen, after seeing a girl acting in television and to think that she could have done better, he attended a circus school from the eight, where he obtained a certificate of a trapeze artist.

2. He had many jobs

Before the fame and success of her career as an actress, Margot worked in a variety of trades, as a clerk in a surf shop, at the fast food restaurant Subway, and also cleaned houses.

Today, in addition to acting, she is also the founder of LuckyChap Entertainment, the film producer responsible for movies such as “I, Tonya” and “Birds of Prey”.


3. She is married since 2016

Margot lived until 2014 in New York city, then moved to London, where he lives with the british director Tom Ackerley. The two met on the set “Suite Française”.

4. Is a tattoo amadora

Is passionate for tattoos and tatúo his co-stars in “Suicide Squad”, including the director David Ayer.

The actress and friend Cara Delevigne wears a tattoo made by Margot: a smiling face below the big toe.

5. It is not easy to do nude scenes

For filming nude scenes in “The Wolf on Wall Street”, Margot had problems and assumed to take three shots of tequila to feel more relaxed. Even so, the grandparents of the actress not seen the film that has explicit scenes of her granddaughter.