Africa Zavala appears with a short mini denim style Yuliett Towers


It seems that the mexican will also like the boy shorts for hot days…

Africa Zavala is a mexican actress who over the years has been gaining a lot of strength and respect in the world of soap operas. He has starred in diverse projects, thus demonstrating that his power of interpretation goes beyond its beauty, which is a lot.

“The head of the champion”, “The double life of Estela Carrillo” and “Trapped” are some projects which in recent years has allowed the public to see it shine more fully on the small screen.

But their fans have more of her through her social networks. In these he has been seen to generate waves of heat constant when it appears with bikinis, but also when he dares to wear shorts of denim, as boy shorts as Yuliett Towers and Yanet Garcia.

Yuliett Towers.

Yanet Garcia.