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Angelina Jolie has written a cryptic opinion article in the magazine Time in which she reveals that two of his daughters have had to be operated of different ailments —without giving their names or the reasons for such operations—, revealing details of its always closed intimacy. In the same text, the actress takes the opportunity to talk about the sisterhood of women and the importance of giving value to the girls. As she herself has, wrote the essay from a hospital last Sunday, 8 of march, and did on the occasion of the Day of the Woman. That has been the reason that has decided to launch the world these 400 words in which he speaks of the importance of taking care of girls and protect them. Jolie has explained that you have the consent of the small to launch this text.

“I’ve been the last two months going in and out of the operating room with my oldest daughter”, starts its written by the protagonist of Maleficent, that has not given the names of the two small, but by its text, refers to Zahara, which in January was 15 years and that she adopted in July, 2005 in Ethiopia. “And a few days ago, I have seen her little sister go under the knife because of a hip surgery,” he continues, in what seems a reference to his daughter, Vivienne, age 11 years. “They know that I am writing this because I respect your privacy and we discussed about it, and they have encouraged me to write it. Understand that spending by medical challenges and fight for survival and healing is something to be proud of,” he said.

Angelina Jolie has six children: Maddox, a young man of 18 years studying at the university in Korea; the own Zahara de los atunes, 15, adopted in Ethiopia months after birth; Pax, 16 years of age, and that adopted in Vietnam when the little one had four; Shiloh, of 13 years, his first biological daughter and that now is a boy who calls himself John, and twins Knox and Vivienne, a boy and a girl born in France in July 2008.

In his text, the interpreter puts in value the relationship between the two sisters, which gives rise to talk much of his family intimacy as the importance of the relationship between girls and women. “I have watched my daughters take care of one another. My youngest daughter learned all about the nurses with his sister, and the next time he wanted to be present,” he explains, talking, supposedly, about the operations of the girls and the bravery of the small to understand them and deal with it. “I saw how my girls stopped everything [en sus vidas] quickly and prioritized and the one to the other quickly, and I noticed the joy it feels to be at the service of the people that you love,” she said. “I also saw their faces of fear and his absolute courage,” he writes.

In addition to the girls, Jolie ensures that her brothers “were always there for them, very sweet, giving all his support.” But to write it the 8M, Jolie claims to be focusing on girls and everything that has been learning over the years “of them and other girls around the world”. “When my daughters were cared for one another, someone told me that the attitude was ‘a natural thing between girls’. I smiled, but I thought about how often it’s abused that concept that the girl has to take care of the other. When they grow up, women are expected to provide, care for, slaughter. Often is conditioned girls to think that they are only good when they serve others, and bad and selfish if they focus on their own needs or desires”. Therefore, the american actress, 44, says that often it’s abused of that “instinct to protect and help young girls”. “We need to do more to protect them, in all societies, not only when their fundamental rights are violated, but when there are injustices more subtle than is often excused or go unnoticed,” he writes.

For this reason, Jolie launches a last request on that day, march 8: “We therefore attach great importance to the girls. That the take care of”. “And we know that, when stronger they grow, the more healthy you will be, and most will be able to return to his family and his community.”

The operation that underwent the girls was the reason that Brad Pitt, her father and ex-husband of the interpreter, was not in the delivery of the Bafta awards. At that time his absence was attributed to personal issues, without specifying anything more.

After her divorce from Brad Pitt, the actress has been a long time fighting in the courts for custody of their children. The difficulties of separation have been such that in June 2018, a judge in california demanded that should enable their children to establish “a relationship healthy and strong” with his father. Months later, she demanded before the courts to demand that Pitt will pay “50% of the costs of children”, as well as a compensation retroactive. Then the actor said that he had paid more than 1.1 million in receipts and invoices for the well-being of Jolie and the children.” In December of that same year they achieved an agreement for the custody of the children and the artist, recent winner of an Oscar, spends time with them who, precisely, has dedicated the prize of the Film Academy.

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