Anitta confirms that yes she had an affair with Maluma with a SPICY confession


The brazilian Anitta he surprised the audience by confirming that at some point had a romance with his great friend, the colombian singer Maluma. But what is interesting in this confession is the spicy fact that he gave the singer, as she asserted that the “Pretty Boy” is very good in bed.

During a recent interview, Anitta of 27 years spoke of the relationship it had with Maluma for 26 years, and that is from several years ago, both singers have raised suspicion of romance. However, the two had refused to have anything between them, since they claimed they were only friends.

Anitta and Maluma/Photo: MUI

Anitta and Maluma/Photo: MUI

But now it was Anitta who declared that the colombian is very good in bed”, something that has impacted the fans, because they have begun to make speculations and theories about if you currently both have a secret relationship, or if you only tried an adventure passing a few yesterdays.

Anitta and chemistry with Maluma

Surely the millions of fans of Maluma will have been “chopped” by knowing the gossip of this meeting of love and sex that was between the reggaetón, but among them there was already a strong chemistry since they were presented together in scenarios.

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Let us remember that the brazilian and the singer of “Happy 4” they have had a long friendship, and had always emanated a good vibe between them, a connection that you showed in the videos of the songs that were duet: “Yes” or ” No ” and “Heart”. So from several months ago had raised suspicion of some romance, but now everything has been clarified.

Though some still continue to “shippeando” to the singers, Anitta already has a boyfriend, the surfer Pedro Scooby, while Maluma supposedly still single after ending his engagement with the model Natalia Barulich. With spicy declarations of Anitta, the singer has not yet given a statement on the subject.