Arrest the husband of Nicki Minaj not to register as a sex offender














Kenneth Petty, the husband of the young rapper Nicki Minaj, he was arrested this Wednesday 4 march 2020 not to register in the list of sex offenders in the state of California (USA), where he moved in July of 2019.

Petty fulfilled a conviction four years of jail in New York after that, in 1995, was found guilty of attempted rape a teenage girl of 16 years old and since then is in the list of sex offenders in that state.

However, the u.s. law requires that the convicted for a crime of that kind to notify the authorities of any change of address.

In November 2019, Petty was stopped by the Police for violating a traffic law. Then, he was arrested and released with a bail of USD 20, 000 dollars, under the condition that they register voluntarily.

Even so, the 41-year-old ignored the order and was stopped again. Now, it is expected that in the next few hours to have a hearing before a federal judge.

The punishment not to register in the list of sex offenders California it is up to 10 years of jail.

The rapper born in Trinidad Tobago and Petty they were sweethearts when she was a teen in the city of New York. Reunited in 2019 and were married on the 21st of October last.

Then Nicki Minaj, whose name is Onika Tanya Maraj, announced that he thought retire to concentrate on having children. However, since then, has brought three themes successful, particularly in Tusa, a collaboration with Karol G.

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