Bella Thorne and her controversial change of “look” that everyone is talking about


Bella Thorne, a former actress of Disney, caused scandal among his followers by revealing his new image, where you can see him with a mane of blue. The image was accompanied with the message “New hair, new film. I learned so many tricks that I’m excited about”.

His followers quickly reacted to this change of look Bella for her new film, which is characterized by a blue hair at the tips, green in the middle and its natural color at the roots. Even big celebrities like Paris Hilton commented on this recent posting in the instagram of the actress.

Also the romantic partner of Thorne, Benjamin Mascolocommended to his girlfriend by writing “sexy”. Although we still don’t have all the information of this new project of the actress, what we can be sure of is that you are learning new movements and perhaps skills.

Bella Thorne surprised her followers on Instagram

It is rumored that this new project that Bella Thorne is the new movie “Chick Fight” which turns out to be a new version of the iconic film “Fight Club” but starred only by women.

In this publication Thorne clarifies that is located in San Juan, Puerto Rico; a place where a few days were seen by the artists Alec Baldwin and Malin Akermanwho knows that will also participate in this movie.

The eccentric change of look of Bella Thorne

Despite the fact that Bella had already worn a new look in your hair at the beginning of this month during the red carpet at the “After Party” of the Golden Globes; a look where you could see some strands of darker colours in your hair. Does not compare with the great impact it caused with your recent change.

It is clear that this actress enjoys playing with the colors of your hair, where we have seen her blond, brunette, red head, with a fringe, short and long. But without a doubt, this new look green-blue has caused a big scandal in social networks, since there is not any person that has not commented on the new image Bella Thorne.

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