Bella Thorne asks that the photograph without anything while bathing


For this close up, Bella Thorne was left with nothing, his face was completely uncovered without a single drop of makeup and no retouching whatsoever of the image. The american actress has the virtue of beauty, something that has accompanied you from your childhood. In this photograph, showing your face while you enjoy a delicious bath in a paradisiacal place, surrounded by crystal clear waters and beautiful vegetation. He accompanied the post with this comment: I want this smile right nowwanted to catch that moment of happiness with his beautiful smile.

Bella is a sensitive young man with a lot of potential, loves to enjoy nature and to share with their loved ones moments of relaxation. The sea is a part of their favorite placesfor this reason, it is very common to see her having fun in the water spectacular, as in this case. The stay in touch with mother nature, always nourishes the soul, the body and increases the health.

With his new look looks different, using that hair chestnut, her skin highlighted even more, and his features are defined, giving the air of a woman more grown up and experienced. Thorne not to catch pleasantly surprised the fans with his tricks.

Bella Thorne rooted to its origins latino

For the singer and american actress, the Latin race represents a fragment of his essence. He confesses to be a faithful lover of the Spanish traditions. That his father is cuban, contributed to the preservation in good part of its roots and customs latinas, their festivals and celebrations, such as christmas eve and the feast of 15 years, accounted for unforgettable memories that accompanied their youth.

Speaking Spanish is something that the star dominates since she was a child, ensures that it is their first language. In addition, is grateful of his hispanic heritage that he shares with his three brothers.

Bella Thorne it is a mix of cultures that have generated extraordinary results.