Britney Spears revolutionizes the networks with their embrace of marxism


Britney Spears it has been wet. And how, being american. The pop artist has made a public statement through its account of Instagram, calling the union of human beings as a species but also to the collectivization of the means of production. Or almost.

“We will feed each other, redistribuiremos the wealth, we will strike. We will understand our own importance from the place where we should stay. The communion goes beyond the walls. We can still be together.” At the mention of the walls can entreverse an allusion to Donald Trump.

The singer tries to find the positive side to the pandemic and has resorted to do this to a text by the artist in hong kong Mimi Zhuvery keen to share high thoughts in the network. The text continues “Calls to your loved ones, write letters of love virtual”. Technologies such as virtual communication, the streaming and broadcasting are a part of our community collaboration”.

The passage I chose Britney is not casual; you will not pass unnoticed by the political message it contains. In fact, the caption is three emojis of a red rose, the international symbol of socialism. The party Socialist democrats of America (DSA) has been quick to applaud the singer with the slogan “It’s Britney, comrade!”. Some fans offered by her as ‘queen of the proletariat’.