Cardi B is bent to the Spanish in their video of Coronavirus!


Cadi B has turned out to be viral after his video of the Coronavirus to be “dubbed in Spanish latino” by a user in Tik Tok, causing laughter to hear the classic words of the singer translated into Spanish, causing laughter.

The video Tik Tok has been replicated by hundreds of internet users, who have laughed in the sea with the occurrences, and it is that “Double down Spanish latino” is one of the current trends.

And is that famous ¡Kharanavairus! the singer became a viral since the first time, as there were up to remix your video, being the image of the memes of the pandemic by the covid-19.

Watch the video of Cardi B in Spanish

For now, the tik tok already has thousands of “shares” on facebook, and more than 3 thousand comments by users of facebook who are grateful that someone has translated the epic clip.

In fact the video of the interpreter has become so famous, that there are people who have tattooed the face of the singer saying the name of the disease, they have also made posters advertising the image of the famous, with the goal of preventing the spread of the disease.

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The singer Cadi B is passing a quarantine very hot, because on his account of Instagram always publishes images in clothes super short or fitted, such is the case of the photo that went up just a few hours, where we can see Cardi B wearing a rashguard, light color and a bra, showing her huge and sexy attributes.

The famous account with more than 63 million followers on Instagram, some of them began to follow after his viral video of Coronaviruses, however, many of her fans have followed her career from the beginning.

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