Cardi B will donate the money earned with the remix of coronavirus


NEW YORK.— The rapper Cardi B has committed to donating the funds obtained from a remix in which it is used the audio from a viral video of Instagram.

In such material the singer warned with his characteristic style casual and raucous, of the dangers of coronavirus.

The song of the moment

His message, that it became an anthem for their fans all over the world to stay home with the advance of COVID-19, it became a song called “Coronavirus”.

The mixture, the work of DJ Markkeyz, it is a repeat of one of the key phrases of Cardi B in his video message.

This Friday stood at the fourth place of the hip-hop songs most heard in the iTunes list.

Help the needy

The rapper has announced that it will donate the money obtained from the song to the workers who suffer the economic consequences of the disease.

“Yes! That is what we will do!”, tweeted Cardi B.

Take into account that not vaan to receive the money immediately… but even within a few months, it’s going to be families with financial problems being dismissed because of the virus. “What we will donate!”, added.

However, Cardi B is facing difficulties with the copyright, despite the fact that it is her voice that you hear in the remix, but added on Twitter that he is “working on it”.

Now there is choreography

The followers of Cardi B not only have they turned the song into a success, but also have produced thousands of videos with different choreographies.

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