Chris Hemsworth thanked not do this scene


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Chris Hemsworth is premiere. Few days ago I saw the light in their new film Extraction, a production of Netflix that will help you to avoid the boredom. This fiction is characterized by the adrenaline and the action that there is in each plane. The husband of Elsa Pataky gives life to Tyler Rake, a mercenary willing to do anything to live situations that lead to the limit. It is a film in which no parts are missing exciting as shooting, somersaulting, fights, or falls from a great height. That’s why, Chris Hemsworth been grateful to have a double for action scenes more difficult. The actor has shown how they recorded some of the sequences that can already be seen online. One of them is one of these great falls in the that looks like Chris suffers for his double, Bobby Holland. Do you want to see your reaction to be ‘himself’? Give the play and not miss it.

– Who’s the double and who is the celebrity? Hollywood actors along with their co-action