Chris Pratt and Tom Holland, “united States” beyond the superhero


Hollywood, California.— For Chris Pratt, to be the brother of Tom Holland in the animated film of Disney-Pixar Usa, represents to the star of Guardians of the galaxy to continue the mentor relationship with the young man, who leaped to world fame by donning the costume of Spider-Man.

“I never had a younger brother, so I wanted him to feel involved with me, since we met, I gave him my phone. I know that if he has a problem and mark me, I will never reject it,” emphasized Pratt to THE UNIVERSAL on the blue carpet held in front of the Chinese Theater a week ago.

In the U.s., Pratt and Holland lend their voices to the brothers Lightfoot, a couple of elves who are given the opportunity to try to return to his deceased father for a day.

“For me it is very important to talk about the family, in the world of today, the family receives constant threats and we forget that it is the nucleus of society”, and reaffirmed Pratt, 40, who has home a child of two years.

Holland, 23 years old, also endorsed the comments of Pratt.

“Making this film led me to feel more connected as a person, it is about the sense of brotherhood and love of family. I hope that when people go to see United, take your phone and dial your family to tell them that love him.”

While for the producer, Kori Rae (Monsters university) to create the fantasy world of States was to bring many of the characters of mythologies, the director Dan Scanlon said that the origin of the tape is from a situation of real loss.

“My father died when I was very young, so I grew up with questions about him who he was. That was the beginning of how I got involved”.

Brothers Jeff and Michael Danna is also connected with their own experiences at the time of making the score of the film.

“We lost our father when we were teenagers. The film captivated us because it contains something that represents us”.