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“Anton Yelchin” I say to a critical friend. “Who?” he asks me quickly. “The one who acted in Green Room, one of the rockers and the skinheads, do you remember? I tell him. “Pah, no, I do not agree…or whatever…if the movie…but not of it” I answer. “Well, well, it is the rusito of the latest Star Trek…” I add. “Ah, yes, now I remember…but wait…what died?

If, unfortunately, Anton Yelchin is not a rebel without a cause like James Dean or a Idaho private as River Phoenix, but his early 27 years of life (the club of the damned), his career ended in a freak accident house back in 2016.

Love Antosha Garrett Price, immerses us in the life of an artist deeply sensitive and multi-faceted, as was the young Yelchin. The son of immigrants soviets that were engaged in figure skating, Anton was a boy who grew up full of love, friendship, affection, art and never stopped flying up.

The large amount of footage recorded by the actor in his childhood and adolescence is a rare and managed to interest, and give us a look inside the one that had all the signs and the talent enough to be a truly great artist.

The touching testimony of their parents, in addition to a thrilled Jennifer Lawrence, a few nostalgic Chris Pine, Willem Dafoe and Simon Pegg, or a very hurt Martin Landau (who was considered to Anton “an old soul”) are just a few of the interviewees enrich this small but worthwhile documentary.

Point apart is deserve the annotations and the personal diaries that the film elaborates for the spectator, adorned with the iconic voice of Nicolas Cage taking the writings of Yelchin.

We will never know which would have been the future of his career. Perhaps stardom with a role such as Dean or Phoenix, or continue providing great sensitivity to small secondary characters that humanizaba with just her look, or if you had opted for the direction, as several of their films, analysis of film and thoughts pointed to.

Many will not react to the name, but for them and all the others:

Love Antosha