Coronavirus: Anne Hathaway, Halle Berry and Dulceida add to the ‘Pillow challenge’ – News People


Since that has been ordered confinement by the coronavirus there are many initiatives that have emerged spontaneously to enliven the many dead hours of the quarantine. Many of these, in the form of challenges, have flooded social networks, and of course many celebrities have joined.

The do last? it’s called Pillow challenge (the challenge of the pillow). The challenge started from the viral videos of Tik Tok and immediately jump to Instagram and already, there are hundreds, thousands…. Consists of stripping naked and covered only with a cushion or pillow set with a matching belt. From there, imagination. The challenge also known age and sex.


The model and actress Halle Berry it was one of the first familiar faces in take the step: posing covered only by a pillow navy blue, with a black belt and heels and a hat completing the look, do not hesitate to upload to Instagram the picture was taken in the garden of his house. “You knew you could not resist to #PillowChallenge”, he said to his followers.

Did also a few days later Anne Hathaway which, encased between three cushions, and with a large butterfly wings in the background, throwing a wink of his film Princess by surprise: “A Queen is never late, are the others coming too soon,” he joked, being the last to join the challenge.

With the phrase, “My ‘look’ today to go to the dining room, Dulceida it has also shown an outfit completely from a cushion of white combined with a belt, handbag and high-heeled shoes black.


What began with the challenge of toilet paper continues to give a lot of play. Dancing the choreography of fashion Jennifer Lopez in Tik Tok has left place to the new challenges of these days. As the sincerity of the responses between couples to a questionnaire indicating with the finger, or fill the face of the flour.