Coronavirus : Pia Sundhage is chosen ‘Swedish Woman of the year’ and it happens to Greta Thunberg in prizes


Before the female team brazilian from July 2019, the coach Pia Sundhage was chosen to receive the award. “Swedish woman of the year” 2020. The prize is distributed by SWEA International, an organization that brings together Swedish women residing within and outside the country.

“I am proud to be appointed the Swedish woman of the year by SWEA. Because it means that you are noticing women’s football. And it is worth. Thank you,” said Pia to receive the award.

The coach swede took charge of the section of brazil in July of 2019, having accumulated six wins, four draws and one defeat. The good performance led the national team to climb three positions in the female ranking, reaching eighth place.

“Pia Sundhage is the biggest star of Sweden in the women’s football, oh, pioneer! Through his long career as a football player, coach of football and the national team of Sweden, the united States and Brazil, Pia put Sweden on the world map. As one of the first professionals in international women’s football, has inspired many women and, as a trainer, highlights women and Sweden, extending our base of values where we operate in the world. Pia is an excellent ambassador of the best in Sweden and still an inspiration for many young footballers around the world, “ stated SWEA International in the justification of the choice of Pia.

The national coach brazilian happens to the environmental activist Greta Thunberg, who was chosen to receive the honor in 2019. Former successful player, who won the European Championship in 1984, Pia also has a great history as a coach, including the gold medalist. the women’s football tournament at the London Olympic Games in the united States in 2012.