Covers your roots as Eva Longoria, thanks to Amazon and this product for 6 euros


After you have seen Eva Longoria wearing their gray while I was doing the last challenge’s viral Instagramwe have become a bit more fanatical of the actress. She, like all mortals that are in quarantine, has had to search solutions to do all of those things for which it was enough with an appointment at your salon preferred before you came into our lives coronavirus.

Fortunately, we don’t have any evidence (yet) that has taken the scissors to touch up your fabulous hair cut in the house, but it has done something that has left us without words as to the media community of the social network.

The american actress has shared a video in the section IGTV of Instagram where immediately our eyes going to his grey hair, those that many of us are taking a walk by the confinement, only to see them disappear thanks to a product magic.

It is a spray L’oréal Paris specially designed to retouch the roots that made us hallucinate together with many of his followers. An extensive list of comments and exclamations, among which we have found to Serena Williams, saying that “This is a basic,” and Wilmer Valderrama, who has intervened with a ’emoji’ to which he explodes the head.

Far from being a product expensive and difficult to achieve, the star of ‘Desperate housewives’ bet by one superasequible and that you can buy, literally, making a pair of ‘clicks’ in Amazon.

So, for a price of only 7 euros you can have up to six different tones to fully cover these flashes white that break the continuity in your mane. In the end, having to be at home does not mean that we should renounce to those routines beauty that we liked, if we don’t want to.

Spray Magic Retouch of L'oréal. (Courtesy)
Spray Magic Retouch of L’oréal. (Courtesy)

Applying it such as has been done by Eva Longoria, about 10 centimeters away from the hair, you’ll see as it disappears the tone spot. In addition, you do not have to worry about because it will stain your clothing and skin, since the applicator is high precision and the actress was wearing a white shirt when he did, there is no better test than that.

What is true is that we already had a great weakness for the videos are visually satisfactory, but we have loved even more to see a Hollywood star opt for a product that is so affordable and seemingly magical for stay fabulous during the quarantine period.

The best thing is that thanks to the power of Amazon, you can come tomorrow knocking on your door if you purchase right now. A compelling opportunity.