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Their names are Mike and Gabriel, and present themselves as photographers, visual artists and directors and artistic, although since 2011 they are also a duo indissoluble called Cup of Couple who shares in your account of Instagram, with 335.000 followers, everything that inspires them and can inspire others.

Hello! How would you introduce yourself to someone who doesn’t have social networks and just know what they are? We are Mike and Gabi, fashion photographers and lifestyle. In our networks, and web-publish our work and create photographs that inspire us to inspire others.

What is the most inspiring, poignant, useful or momentous has occurred thanks to be known in Instagram? We get very excited when we write to people who can’t live their sexuality freely and tell us that we encourage and inspire in difficult times. Also many times there are people that we dedicate a little of your time and your art and make pictures with our photos. It seems to us incredible.

Do you dare to tell us if you’ve ever taken advantage of your power as a influencer and for what? No. We do not like to take advantage of the situation, and not to have advantage against others who don’t have thousands of followers on networks. If it is true that in many cases we find advantages that we offer, such as: avoid some of the queues at concerts, have the best rooms in hotels, to be able to visit amazing sites, or invitations to exquisite restaurants.

Do you think that it is appropriate to use the public exposure of a influence to promote political ideas? What you have done? Stand up for what one believes always seems to us right, we’ve done it on occasion, but also be prepared for the hundreds of people who do not think alike and that they are going to rebut what you think. There is that have mood, time and strength to do it, and more when professionally you move on to another area and not in politics. Usually we tried to stay on the sidelines in politics, but in topics that seem unfair to us pronounce, and position ourselves clearly.

What photo you regret? Well imagine… after 10 years, enough. Thankfully, there is the option of archiving on instagram and there’s a few hidden.

How and what are you most proud of? Normally we think a lot of what we do before we publish. We thought of the idea, location, elements, light… When we arises an idea, and is quick to realize we are full.

Confess, have you tied on Instagram? And what ended that? Yes. We’ve even received pictures or videos of people teaching us about their genitals.

What is your photo with more likes and why do you think that got? We try not to show our personal life but each time we decided to share something related to our relationship is when more feedback receive. When we got married and we post it on Instagram it was a boom. We received thousands of comments, messages and likes. We believe that inspired many people and especially to followers of other countries where being gay is not so easy. In this case, if it helped someone to motivate you, to us it was worth it to show something so personal.

What account did you decide to stop following and why? Instagram already decides for us what accounts you want us to look at and it is horrible.

What account would you recommend to all the world that followed? As lovers of design and creativity, we recommend the account of the publisher @gestalten, posted wonderful pictures.

What is the video that more times have you seen on YouTube? We are among the Tania Acroyoga (full) in Madrid by the world in Sidney and of Nowness. We are guys of contrasts, the truth.

Cup of couple: “On Instagram, be prepared for the hundreds of people who do not think like you”

What is now your background screen of the mobile phone?

What do you think is the idea wrong that people have about how it is to be a creator of content in the networks? We hate the generalization and think that we are all equal. Each one publishes a content type. We think it’s right that you have content creators on staff, they upload their photos looks or have everything they do in their day-to-day, we don’t have our day-to-day and if you want to upload a lookfor example, we integrate in a very different and organic in our photographs,

What was the last time you searched yourself in Google and that I found you? Not too long ago looking for photos of a trip and, for convenience, we search directly on google. The truth is that just us googleamos to quickly search for photos of restaurants, hotels or sites you want to recommend someone with whom we are talking to at the time.

What is it that you like about your appearance and what more? The portion that the less we like to make who read this is to set more so that, by justice, we’re not going to say any of the two.

Have you experienced the satisfaction of using your influence for a good cause? Yes, for example, from the beginning of confinement, to send on a weekly basis newsletter call Sunday Folio and, among the contents, we are including associations that are helping the most vulnerable people. We are thanking you a lot and makes us very happy to be able to use our platform to promote actions altruistic.

What is the most amazing you’ve been to thanks to your work? Our first trip to Tokyo, or visit the home/studio of Ricardo Bofill in Barcelona.

And who is the person more amazing that you’ve had the good fortune to meet thanks to it? If we stop to think about it we have known people who are very famous but not have never had enough time to dig deeper and to think that he is an amazing person. But however, we have interviewed and taken pictures to artists not so well known, and in a couple of hours chatting in their studies, have filled us with energy. We believe that that is the most special.

Who was your first idol ies)? Mike: Zac Efron. Gabi: Robbie Williams

And what has been the latest? Jude Law in the series The New Popeand we agree the two.

What public figure you would love to share conversation and a bottle of wine? Alaska. We are sure that it’s a person that you can talk about many things and we have common interests, but we prefer to do it with beer.

Describe briefly your night more wild-at one of those parties that I was invited thanks to your reputation in the social networks. The more cool that you remember, without doubt, is in New York. We went with two friends to a few awards that we were nominated for the third consecutive year as the best blog male. When we drank a couple of glasses we were telling all of us congratulated him for the nomination that we were not going to win because, surely, were rigged. But, by surprise, we won the award and we had to climb up to the stage, a little fartto make a speech in front of all those people we had told that everything would be rigged. Then we ended the party in Williamsburg.

What is the favorite piece of clothing of all that you have in your closet? The first Derby Prada with a platform that came out. We buy with what we save in our first jobs.

Have you ever censored a picture on your social networks? Why? No, because we’re not girls and it seems that our nipples don’t scare anyone #freethenipple

What is the message or proposal more crazy that you have received through a private message? Even alucinamos with all the proposals that we receive to work for free. We believe that that is the most strong and more when they are international brands with budgets to make campaigns.

What was the hardest moment you’ve experienced within this phenomenon of the fame of the Internet? Losing someone close to you and finding out 5 minutes before an event, in which we had to do photos and video. We had to act as if all was well and it was very hard.

And, if it is not too personal, can you tell us about the hardest you have faced outside? The harder still is trying to overcome one of us so you better not tell it because we also do not believe that anyone would want to know.

What is the maximum degree of nakedness you’ve achieved in a photo? What was the context? A photo on a beach of Asturias. An amazing place and one day unbeatable. What we all need now.

Who would you like to be the next receiver of this questionnaire and which question would you? To Rosalia. We would ask you if you fancy it you can take photos some day.

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