Do you went crazy…? An important actress clean house with your cat!


Although it is rather that we have not known of the beautiful Kate Beckinsale in theaters, the actress of 46 years is still active on the small screen with the series of Prime Video “The Widow” and even more, in your Instagram staff where he has harvested more than 3 million fervent followers. In the last time, has been more active than ever in the social network, sharing backstage and your daily routine.

In the middle is displayed sympathetic and accessible, including by responding to comments of the people, and taking advantage of the joke in several situations. However, a posting has recently caught the attention of many users, when the actress “Underworld” decided to show a video where she revealed a strange form of “keeping your house in order” and “relax” to your beloved pet at the same time.

In a move that would leave the mouth open to a number of “animal lovers”, the celebrity road of huge studs, top and trousers flowered, took to Willow (a recurrent theme in his publications), and proceeded to “wipe the floor” with the kitten. Although it’s not noticeable discontent –more than usual – on the part of the cat, it was a field stranger, who was not oblivious to the response of their community.

Can you tell me how
is that your cat has been so still for so long? My kitten never leave me
to do that
” asked a follower. Another asked him also: “Do you have to wash it after a or your floor is
completely clean?”,
Oh, no… A
lovely cat. Kate, why are you doing this?”
he added a third,
although not got no official response from the star. The video obtained more
a million reproductions, so that, in a weird way if you knew how to grasp
all the eyes.

Kate Beckinsale has just completed their divorce with director Len Wiseman, responsible for the reboot of “The Avenger of the Future” and “Underworld”, tape the key in the career of the actress and why they met. Among other great titles Beckinsale are the movies “Pearl Harbor” Michael Bay, where he shared the screen with Ben Aflleck and “The Aviator” Martin Scorsese, along with Leonardo Di Caprio.