Does massage or cleaning? Kate Beckinsale and a rare habit next to your cat


The british actress archi recognized Kate Beckinsalefor her role of Selena in the saga Underworld, is a lover of pets. In fact it has several, among them his two cats and faithful companions, Clive and Willow.

In your account of Instagram which has more than 3.5 million followers, shared a video next to Willow that stunned his fans. Might as well be wiping the floor with the fluffy fur of your cat or it would be in reality of any session, a massage or a therapy to relax the muscles of your pet.

With a top set super sexy and studs leaving to show off her figure super-toned, the actress lay down her cat and with a random movement began to refregarlo suevamente on the floor like a game perhaps. “Have a crack at the under dust before polishing the kettle with the Pomeranian,” wrote the celebrity and generated in a few hours, more than 700 thousand copies, among them the star Paris Hilton who also loves animals.