Double Jennifer Lopez turn on Tik Tok by using the voice of the Chocolate MC

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And, of course, the self-styled “King of the reparteros” did not hesitate to share the clip

Double Jennifer Lopez and Chocolate MC Chocolate MC and double of Jennifer Lopez, Connie Peña (INSTAGRAM)

Connie Peña, the famous double of Jennifer Lopez, surprised his fans on social networks then go up the platform of micro-videos Tik Tok footage with the voice of the famous reguetonero cubano Arismín Sierra Hernández, alias “Chocolate MC”.

And, of course, the self-styled “King of the reparteros” did not hesitate to share the clip.

“The double of JLo doing TikTok with my voice, I went viral on Tik Tok. Oh, fuck, now, yes. Connie Peña, thank you,” wrote Chocolate, who also encouraged their fans to make more videos with your voice.

“Mándamelo to upload it that it went viral”.

Who is Connie Peña?

Born in Santa Ana, California, father peruvian and mexican mother, Connie Peña—a businesswoman and famous in the world of entertainment in Las Vegas— ensures that has done a lot to become the double of the “Diva of the Bronx”.

Over the years, Peña, 39, has had to undergo several cosmetic surgeries to get to that striking resemblance with the artist in new york. Among them, two cuts of breast and liposuction. In addition, physical workouts and danzarios.

“I was past that when I attend the awards, they yelled at me: ‘hey, J. Lo, J. Lo!’, and the paparazzi throw me to the many pictures. I always tell them: ‘I am Not, my love, I’m your double’. Sometimes I can’t even talk, nothing more I took the photo because it is a lot of people,” said Connie.

Even, in a moment, he thought of making a world tour in tribute to Jennifer Lopez.

“The whole world has been interested in me, Europe, Latin America, united States and different countries have shown interest in wanting to bring the tribute”, he said.

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