Drake, the video clip Toosie Slide and the jacket Raf Simons


Prince WilliamsGetty Images

At this stage of the quarantine, the Covid-19 we have the majority clad in our tracksuit pants more comfortable (when not in pyjamas), that can only be replaced by a pair of jeans to go to the supermarket. We say most because there are still people like Drakethat the quarantine has not still taken away the desire to fix it. And it is that when one has a closet and a shoemaker as the rapper, difficult it is to enter it and not wanting to put anything, one thing that has not hesitated to do to appear in the music video for his latest track, Toosie Slide. In him, we can see the canadian take a risky exercise in styling that, to the surprise of many, includes a bomber Raf Simons valued at approximately 43.500 euros.

Drake Toosie Slide


The first thing that goes through your head when you see the jacket is, what has that jacket that I cannot see to be so expensive? Because the truth is that his value lies more in its history than in the garment itself. It is the hunter with the Raf Simons opened his parade autumn-winter 2001 “Riot, riot, riot”. This parade in which, after a sabbatical, return to menswear to dispose of the silhouette slim and replace it with a few styles to layers in the combined sweatshirts with coats and dress pants.

The bomberdecorated with patches from David Bowie, Richie Edwards of the Manic Street Preachers and posters of the Bauhaus, came to be sold in the web of Grailed by 47.ooo dollars in 2018. What contributed to the hype by this garment of the file? For surely the fact that Kanye West, Rihanna, Asap Rocky, and other celebrities were photographed continuously with the above jacket.

But not all of the interest of the look lies in the hunter. In the clip, Drake also appears taking a vest from the latest collection of 1017 Alyx Studio 9SMa balaclava of Nike and sneakers Nike Airmax 98, a outfit certainly interesting that it demonstrates the wide range of clothing that features the rapper in his mansion in Toronto. Do you feel like now to experiment a bit more with your outfits?