Emilia Clarke is sincere about his experience between life and death that put you in danger ‘Game of Thrones’

The charismatic Emilia Clarke got with ‘Game of Thrones’ your great opportunityafter a casting comprehensive where he has been the responsible of HBO doing the ‘chicken dance’, the young woman was catapulted to stardom overnight.

However, when you only had a few months enjoying her dream, Emilia lived the scariest moment of your life. With only 24 years suffered a cerebral hemorrhage and survived barely with an emergency surgery.

The young man confessed to tell his horrifying story for the first time in Armchair Expert, that in that moment I could only think of that now was not the time die. “Fight, fight, fight. You can’t have brain damage. I am to the point of being an actress. So it is not as just this. I have to live“, repeated itself.

Clarke was so focused on her career and leverage your time that even between life and death I was worried about his job and the future of the series. And is that ‘Game of Thrones’ had already begun to be a success with his first season, and the absence or a change in the Khaleesi would have disrupted all fiction.

“They were waiting for to see if you lived or died to communicate the news to HBO. Once I came out, in five weeks I was back to work. For me it was not even an option to tell anything to anyone. I wanted to get back to work! I thought that I would have to say goodbye. I had this great opportunity, and a need to prove that I deserved to be there, and have a brain hemorrhage was not going to help,” he admits.

A long time after Emilia had to be operated again to remove another aneurysm and prevent further bleeding, but the surgery is complicated and relates how they had to wake her up on the operating table “to tell me that they had to open the skull“.

However, thinking back in his transcendental work, they had to approach it differently for it does not affect their appearance.

“I have a scar from the ear to the beginning of the front, but obviously knew what was my job and they did an amazing job and I shaved the head“.

The recovery was long and hard, but finally Emilia was out of danger and years after is has opened up about the hell that he lived while his fame went up like foam, and his character passed to the history of television.

“Costs you a time to recover and return to feel safe. But when you do it, you are damn strong“says the young man, who without a doubt is an example of overcoming extraordinary.

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