Ensure that Millie Bobby Brown, she had the face to appear older


During the event, which was held in the city of New York, Bobby Brown wore the bleached blonde hair, a blue dress and flowered and high heels, but what for many was strange was the change in his face, on Twitter there were many comments that they underwent cosmetic changes and, thanks to that looked like a woman of 40 years.

In the pictures, you can see that her cheekbones are very pronounced, as well as his chin and his lips too thick.

“Looks much greater than it is, it seems 40 years old”, “looks too big”, “how Millie Bobby Brown did something in the face, or is his makeup that does not benefit nadita?”, “Millie Bobbie Brown is the version brunette Jessica Simpson” and “Millie Bobbie Brown seems to lady of 40 who just got out of rehab because, in the supper of the office of the husband took over and he left in shame with all of you”, were some of the comments that postearon users in social networks.

However, there were others that defended themselves by pointing out that it was just the hair, makeup and fixed teeth.