Enters harassing home of Kate Beckinsale


Actress Kate Beckinsale is currently in its mansin Brentwood, California, through all the period of isolation, and it seems to be that a stalker has taken advantage of this circumstance to try to get in contact with her colndose in the property throughout the weekend.

The neighbors of the famous interpreter, were witnesses of the inspection that the authorities conducted in the housing, where it is believed that they found an intruder, and in the images obtained by the daily Mail you can see four officers inspected a backpack that was placed on the floor in front of the main door. At the moment it is unknown if it produced an arrest, but what is clear is that at this point, Kate takes very seriously their safety after having suffered several incidents of frightening.

In 2016, a man named Terry Lee Repp it was possible to approach it to be able to touch him back during an event held in Salt Lake City and amenaz all same with apualarla. That same individual the following months later to Boston, where ahab being detained by the police for the obsesin sickly clearly had developed towards her.