Epic Games reveals the final numbers of the event Travis Scott on Fortnite It Historic!


Astronomical it became a historic event for the history of video games. We can not say that it was an unprecedented success, since the event of Marshmello I had put the rod pretty high, with 10 millions of concurrent users, but Travis Scott what surpassed and Fortnite will definitely return to the top of the industry after an event of such magnitude.

Five concerts were held throughout the weekend in Fortnite, with the rapper as the protagonist, and the show of events of visual, sound and music were shocking to all those who have had the chance to live it. And they were not few, as Epic Games revealed the impressive numbers that had the event.

After the 12.3 million active players, and 3 million of visualizations that had only the first concert, Epic Games decided to not make further comments on the numbers of each event, until now, where we revealed the impressive number of players that lived in the live event Astronómical.

“More than 27.7 million only players in the game participated in live 45.8 million times in the five events to create an experience truly astronomical”, announced from official social networks of the game.

If the rod was high after the event of Marshmello, now after the concert Travis Scott things are by the clouds, and the next event of Fortnite will have to overcome what is by now possibly be the biggest event ever seen in a game.