Evaluna Montaner surprised his fans by dancing to the beat of Justin Bieber


The quarantine and ‘Tik Tok’ are managing to bring out the dancer in all of us and a good example of this is Evaluna Montaner. The young man has not been able to resist the trend of the moment with the dancing of one of their favorite artists, Justin Bieber.

The artist has delighted their fans in the company of Paula Macher, who also wanted to join the movidito dance. ‘Intentions’ has been the song chosen by the young. This is the third collaboration of the singer with the rapper Quavo and Migos that makes its particular contribution to hip hop. The theme began to sound in the background while the two girls got to test their coordination with the difficult choreography they had prepared.

Both have shown their talents of dancing in the garden of the house in which you are passing the quarantine. In addition, the comments are not made to wait. The followers of the artist have been amazed with the way of moving the skeleton to the rhythm of ‘Intentions’ even though they aren’t caught by surprise.

The singer is a fan of the music of the canadian and this is not the first time surprises his followers with a choreography in which appears the music of Justin. Some time ago, Evaluna Montaner were informed their fans of an original choreography to the rhythm of ‘Yummy’ the other of the last great songs of the husband of Hailey Baldwin.

Yes, at that time the scenario was very different as it was with the sea in the background. In both choreography can’t hide the happiness that invades to listen to the music of Justin Bieber. The young man has already made it clear that the singer is one of its referents in the world of music and, judging by the free time we have now for the quarantine, we are sure that these will not be the only dances that you will see the artist moving to the rhythm of Justin Bieber.