Fans of Zac Efron defend it after being compared to Aaron Piper


Zac Efron and Aron Piper became trend on Twitter after being compared, and is that many of the internet users claim that the Aron is the new Zac Efron, others were not very consistent in this and it came out to defend the american actor.

Zac Efron has been the platonic love of many people for a long time and it is from his starring role as Troy Bolton in “High School Musical” actor left all of his fans more than love.

Aaron Piper is known for his role in “Maktub” (Change of plans), and subsequently being Ander in the series “Elite”, where the actor rose to fame.

And is that after the premiere of the third season of “Elite,” the actor was compared to Zac Efron, because many people say that Aaron is just as handsome Zac, what the followers of the interpreter of “The Great Showman” came out to defend him and say that you definitely do not have anything in common.

Some of their responses were that Zac Efron takes many more years of career than Piper and that’s definitely the roles that each has played are totally different.

After the issue caused controversy on Twitter, the Zattackers began to make different types of memes, noting that Efron is definitely more handsome than Aaron, and that each one has different qualities that make them unique.