Filtered new audio assault of Amber Heard Johnny Depp


Amber Heard and Johnny Depp have been trend due to the filtration, audio where you can listen to the actor of 56 years was the suffered from violence by his former wife and a new audio that has circulated a recording that gives more details about it.

Daily Mail leaked a new printing in which the actress who played Mera “Aquaman“challenge her then-husband who says that he is the victim and argues that it does not believe you.

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The audio begins with Johnny Depp berating a stroke that he suffered: “I threw down a can of petrol on the nose”, mentioned the one who gave life to the captain Jack Sparrow in the movies “Pirates of the Caribbean”.

To this Heard responding: “you Can tell people that it was a fair fight. See what you think of the jury and the judge. Go and tell the world that ‘Yo, Johnny Depp, I am a victim of domestic violence’, it is a fair fight and see how much people will believe.” Before that, Johnny says: “it does Not matter if it is a fair fight. Fair my ass.”

At the end of the audio, Amber Heard makes a mockery of the actor.

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“What she started? Really? I’ve never been able to overwhelm you, that is the truth.”

For the moment, the actress has not commented anything, but the implications begin to emerge. Some fans of Aquaman have started a petition on the internet for Amber Heard not come out in the sequel to the King of the Seas, DC and by the time the signatures on the page are on the rise.