Focus movie-Margot Robbie and Will Smith that you have to see


Before the #YoMeQuedoEnCasathe marathons of movies and series are positioned as an excellent option to spend your time. This weekend, the recommendation (for fans of Margot Robbie, Will Smith and action movies with a touch of romance and comedy) is located in Focus (2015), a film that will show the boldness behind the ‘craft’ of being a scammer.

If you are looking for new movies to add to your list must watch, we tell you all you need to know about Focus for you to be convinced to see it.

What is it about Focus?

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Focus it tells the story of Jessie (Margot Robbie) and Nicky (Will Smith). Jessie is a pickpocket beginner who would like to join the team of Nicky, who is a seasoned conman who operates in different parts of the united States. After passing a test to verify their skills, Jessie ends to form an excellent tandem with Nicky and they start a romantic relationship, but it is a double-edged sword, as the expert thief follows a teaching that he inherited from his father: never get involved emotionally in the business.

In the development of the plot, see the bold adventures of two con artists and their skills to steal millions of dollars by putting their lives at risk. All this spiced up with the incredible chemistry Margot Robbie and Will Smith developed during the filming of the movie.

Who are the main protagonists of Focus?

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In addition Margot Robbie and Will Smith in the leading roles, the film features performances of brazilian actor Rodrigo Santoro, playing Rafael Garriga, a multi-billion dollar argentine; Gerald McRaney as Bucky Spurgeon, the father of Nicky and B. D. Wong as Liyuan Tse, a gambler whose role is decisive in the relationship of the scammers.

The film was directed by Glenn Ficarraone , whom we know for his work in Crazy, Stupid, Love and John Requa, writer of tapes as Cats & Dogs.

What is the role of Margot Robbie and Will Smith in Focus?

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In Focus we see a incipente Margot Robbie, the tape was only the sixth film in his extensive filmography. Its interpretation as a sensitive con-artist with an impressive ability of learning makes a great combination with the role experienced of Will Smith as Nicky. The ratio of both will keep you at the edge of the chair on more than one occasion (but we don’t want to make spoilers if you have not seen).

For its part, the american actor delivers a flawless performance, so that your expertise not only belongs to your character, rather it is a reflection of his extensive career as a Hollywood actor who has been acclaimed as one of the favourites, something that would happen to Margot Robbie a few years after its recent Oscar nominations I, Tonya (2016) and Bombshell (2019).

Why should you see Focus?

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Focus tape is a entertaining as that will give you a nice time out of the hand of two great Hollywood actors, but beyond this, there are a couple of reasons that this tape will become one of your favorites.

The first is that, at the end of the day, between cheats, games millionaires, and exciting action sequences, this is a love story between two thieves. Margot Robbie he explained this in an interview during the promotion of the film:

The best way to make the audience engage emotionally with the film is a story of love. If the audience genuinely wants the characters to be together, and they’ll travel any trip for that to happen.

Scams are another of the reasons why Focus will keep you intrigued. You’ll have to pay a lot of attention in order not to lose nor a detail of the mind games that both con artists create in order to win. This is not a coincidence, not only is the result of a good script, the production went to the tips of Apollo Robbins, a famous conjurer that came to commit theft in the Secret Service of the united States. To

On the other hand, aspects on the making of this film also makes a must watch. The photography was done by the mexican filmmaker Xavier Pérez Grobet, who has also put his photographic eye on other projects as the miniseries Watchmen and series as Dynasty and Jane the virgin.

The locations also carry Latin american essence, as some of the scenes were filmed in the streets argenitnas as Recoleta, Puerto Madero, and San Telmo.