Goodbye to actor Aaron Hernan


Mexico city.- The actor Aaron Hernan, who passed away this Sunday, is veiled by family and friends in a funeral home on the street Félix Cuevas, until this Monday afternoon.

The histrión died Sunday as a result of a heart attack at the age of 89, in the House of the Actor where he spent his last years; he was convalenciente of a fall he suffered last April 7, and that will provovó hip fracture.

This Sunday, the National Association of Actors announced the death of Aaron Hernan through his Twitter account.

“We apologize for the regrettable death of our C. Aaron Hernan, a recognized actor of film, theatre and Television, whose commitment to the WALK led him to occupy the Srías. Exterior and Interior, and Treasury on several occasions, and to serve as Secretary-General from 1998 to 2002. DEP”.

In the chapel of Gayosso, Félix Cuevas, remain friends, and close relatives of the artist, and take prevention measures before the pandemic Covid-19: is provided to gel to attendees who must carry a mask. There is No access to adults over the age of 65 years, or children.

Various institutions and partners have expressed their condolences:

In social networks, fellow actors, and various institutions presented their condolences.

The Association Rafael Banquells, sent his condolences for the death of your beneficiary, through a press release directed to the media.

“The Association Rafael Banquells B.C., represented by Silvia Pinal, as well as the Board of Directors, lament the sensitive death of our very dear colleague and friend, Aaron Hernan, taking place this Sunday, 26 of April of this year in the City of Mexico,” they wrote.

The career of Aaron Hernan was appreciated in film, theatre and television:

On the small screen acted in “The shadow of the past”, “A refuge for love”, is Full of love”, “Dawn”, “Sortilège”, “Path of Glory”, “Girl Italian comes to marry,” among others, some 50 productions.

In the film, he acted in movies such as “Cri Cri, el Grillito Cantor”, with Ignacio López Tarso, who also shared in works such as “12 men in battle”. “Black wind”, “Drizzle”, “Bandera Rota” and “Mariana Mariana” were other of his films.
In terms of series of television appearances on “Neighbors”, “Simulators” and “Women Killer”.

Rest in peace.