Greta Thunberg called for a new protest against climate change | Daily Whose


The environmental movement Fridays for the Future of Greta Thunberg convened next to the groups 2020 Rebellion by the Weather and the Alliance for Climate rally “lights and shadows” on Friday, 24 April at 22 in social networks and from the balconies due to the quarantines affecting half the world’s population by the coronavirus.

“This public health crisis has revealed that the feeling that we had absolute security guaranteed by the technology was absolutely false. It has also shown how harmful that can be a crisis if it catches us unprepared, with no plans of prevention and emergency,” said the environmentalists in a manifesto.

“The climate crisis remains a reality, and, in spite of being formally declared from many institutions, is still not recognized as such by some leaders, who choose to ignore the signs scientific through inaction guilty”, they say.

In its manifesto, the organizations argued that the output of the health crisis must be fair and sustainable, and involve a change of economic model.

The activists insisted that the return to normality “may not reproduce the model that has led us to the ecological emergency and the social current,” and called the “decarbonisation” of the economy and to give priority to short supply circuits of production and consumption.

“It is necessary a change of scale, from global to local, that puts at the center the reduction of the long chains of transportation, the value of food models in line with the limits of the planet”, they claimed.