Greta Thunberg starred in the manifestation of Fridays for Future


Surrounded by young people and by a cordon of security, the activist climate Greta Thunberg starred in Friday the manifestation of Fridays For Future (Friday the future), the movement that she created and that this Friday, march 6, 2020 collapsed the center of Brussels.

The young Swedish 17 years was not able to fool the media despite wait hidden the beginning of the student marchso that was soon enveloped by a cloud of journalists.

The cameras were barely able to grasp it with his white cap and his serious gesture between the spider arms, heads, and bodies that protected it and which, if it were not for the proclamations of ‘climate justice‘that his companions threw themselves, would mean that anyone who might pass by there the confundiese with a teen star coming to a delivery of prizes.

The cortege advanced slowly under the rain Brussels with Thunberg to the head, strategically placed within a double cordon of security in the police and activists joined together forming a human chain.

Greta, you marry me?”, “Respect your mother” and “Welcome to the climate change” are some of the phrases that could be read on posters of those young that, as every Friday since more than a year ago, were exercising their right to the protests to ask their elders to do something for the environment.

Manifestations of Fridays For Future (Friday the future). Photo: Agency AFP

Manifestations of Fridays For Future (Friday the future) with various signs of awareness. Photo: Agency AFP

Manifestations of Fridays For Future (Friday the future). Photo: Agency AFP

‘Extinction Rebellion’ reads one of the signs of the manifestation of environmental. Photo: Agency AFP

Manifestations of Fridays For Future (Friday the future). Photo: Agency AFP

Young people ask because they take actions in the face of ‘climate emergencies’ world. Photo: Agency AFP

The manifestation, in which participated 3 400 people, according to the police Brussels, ended in the park of the Fiftieth anniversary, close to the european institutions, where a truck-stage expected the protesters with festive music blaring and a “speaker” heating up the atmosphere.

“It is shameful that the emergency climate and environmental it ignored. We are still in a crisis that has never been treated as such,” she said, mic in hand Gretathat between sentence and sentence left in the air for a dramatic pause, aware that the young people who congregated at her feet, the fill with their cheering.

Between the rain of flashes fired by photographers and aspiring influencers, Thunberg I asked them to world leaders “stop ignoring the consequences of their actions and innaciones” and “live your disaster waiting for someone to wipe”, because, in his words, “the young don’t want to clean it for them.”

“Our burning house and this week the European Commission has proposed a climate law, which basically tells us to wait a few more years to start shutting down,” criticized the activist, in reference to the Climate Law European presented this Wednesday by the EC, who berated that “this is not how you act before a crisis, because time is a luxury that we don’t have”.

Thunberg he had already criticised this text after attending two days ago at the meeting of the college of european commissioners that gave the green light to the law, which harshly criticized and was labeled a “surrender” to the climate crisis.

Without a doubt, the manifestation in this march 6, 2020 leaves two things clear: there is still Greta for a while, and the young don’t want to wait to 2050 to achieve a Europe green.