Hailey Baldwin breaks out against the haters that tease of his fingers crooked


Hailey Baldwin decided to face the criticism by revealing details as to why his fingers are deformed…

Hailey is one of the most sought after models of the industry, the wife of Justin Bieber works for the most exclusive brands, and although it has a body of envy, it is not perfect!, because it also has physical defects.

It turns out that Hailey has the little finger of both hands crookedand has been the victim of constant taunts and criticism from the haters, so that the model of 23 years, decided to put a high and explain the strange deformity of their fingers:

Ok, let’s get into the conversation of pinky, because I’ve made fun of myself for this since forever, so I could tell everyone why you are so twisted and frightening. I have this thing called Ectrodactilia. Makes my pinky fingers look like they do. It is genetic. I’ve had it all my life. So people can stop wondering ‘what happened to your pinky fingers’ and this is what is wrong. LOL!

We we had never noticed the strange way that the fingers of Hailey, how about you?

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