Halle Berry, Catwoman guru of fitness


Since he started with Peter Lee Thomas as a personal trainer is addicted to the challenges, fitness, boxing and self-defense

Updated 03/03/2020 16:13

A little more than two years confessed to her over five million followers on Instagram that I had known the person that had changed his life. Peter Lee Thomas, personal trainer, martial arts expert, actor and specialist in nutrition, would inject into a vein your eagerness for the sport. Today, Halle Berry is a guru it also has its own weekly program on network about fitness.

A few months ago caused furor in Instagram a picture of Halle Berry showing off the abs at age 53. In your mind hanging from the post where it appeared proud, marking abs and noting the difficulty involved in reaching that goal. Then, everything is justified with the last film the actress, Bruisedmade his debut as a director. In this film she embodies a fighter martial arts and for that, the actress learned various disciplines that will help to better understand the character.

But before I started filming, I had already known Peter Lee Thomas, your personal trainer. With he shares from over two years ago, an initiative in networks under the hastag #FitnessFriday where weekly share tips and practical fitness and nutritional to all the followers of both. This initiative was born as a declaration of love Halle Berry for her new mantra: healthy living.

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Welcome to the start of #FitnessFriday. Each Friday I’ll be posting something about fitness that I hope will inspire you. So many of you are asking how I have managed to stay in great shape over the years. Well, part of it is genetics, that’s true. I was a gymnast growing up and that certainly has helped as I have always been very athletic. I have worked with many trainers over the years and learned a lot from each of them. However, now I’d like to introduce you to my favorite trainer and what I call my secret weapon! Peter Lee Thomas! This man has changed my life. Besides being an all around wonderful human, he’s a trainer, martial artist, fellow actor, and nutrition specialist! With his help, I have learned so much about fitness and nutrition and I’m excited to share it with all of you. He’s taught me boxing, self defense, and much more. Not only am I in the best shape of my life, but I can actually defend myself and most importantly… my children! As a woman there is nothing more empowering. I’ll be launching #hallewood very soon and within that community, Peter will be laying it out! In 2018, he’ll help all of us get healthier, stronger and more fit! Swipe for more! #FitnessFridayHB

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Although she has always had an enviable physical, thanks in part to its genetics –“I’ve always been very athletic”– his fondness for the sport has not come at the age of fifty. Has always played sports and although grateful to each and every one of their coaches earlier everything you have taught him, Peter is her favorite. It shows in every photo, sentence, and video that you share with him. Each Friday we join together to speak to their followers of boxing, self-defense, or nutrition, that is what he has been taught to the interpreter. “Not only am I in the best shape of my life, but I can defend myself and most importantly… it’s my children! As a woman there is nothing more powerful”, it claims the same Halle Berry.

What began as a personal challenge, now it is a style of life. A weekly appointment every Friday with Halle Berry talking about both of muscle cramps (how to avoid them and address them) like the limits that we put on each face of the physical challenges is the obvious proof. Because it does so from the experience, and seeing the results that you have obtained, either refuses to enter his community of the faithful.