Halsey distributes food among the fans who were queuing up for your concert in Madrid


There are artists who know how to take good care of their fans. That is the cas Halsey, who is touring Spain, and that has had a detail huge with all the fans that were queuing up at the doors of the Wizink Center of Madrid to view it last night. The artist, who knew that there were people that I had spent the days sleeping in the street, made to staff your team will come food for the wait they made more bearable.

Halsey is not the first artist to have a gesture of this kind to their fans. In the past, Lady Gaga sent pizza to the people waiting to open the doors of the stadiumand Rihanna is also another of the singers who has been concerned with the followers who were waiting in the street.

Halsey, acting on 'The Voice' next to Jade Chynoweth

Halsey, acting on ‘The Voice’ next to Jade Chynoweth

However, this is usually not something usual, and that’s why, when it happens, the social networks go crazy. Halsey acted last night in Madrid for the kick off to their european tourthe Maniac World Tour, making it vibrate to the thousands of people who flocked to the Wizink Center.

But before that, Halsey had been concerned that his fans were well fed to endure the hours of waiting that they were while they opened the doors of the building. On one hand I did get pizzas warm while they were in the queue.


“Make sure that you share between all”I said the boy of the team Halsey to then add: “Are you excited for tomorrow?”. That is to say, the singer had ordered the food the day before your concert to the people that slept on the street, not to pass hunger.

But that was not all. The next day, that is to say, yesterday, wanted to endulzarles waiting with a few packages of Donutsboth of the normal sugar and chocolate. The pictures that are posted on Twitter show the emotion of the people to know that Halsey was concerned for them.


Tonight it is the turn of Barcelona. Halsey will offer its second concert of the tour Maniac World Tour at the Sant Jordi Club, and then continue with the rest of the countries of Europe who can’t wait to hear it live.