Hollywood-Ryan Murphy at the Paris Damien Chazelle


Magdalena Tsanis

Madrid, 28 apr (EFE).- Netflix pulls muscle in may by pulling his signings star: Ryan Murphy reviews the history of the mecca of the cinema “Hollywood” while Damien Chazelle situated in the jazz clubs of Paris his first tv series, “The Eddy”.

They are two of the releases most expected in a month in which Amazon will go for science fiction, but in the form of a comedy, with “Upload”, and the Spanish fiction deliver new titles such as the police, “The unit”, “Valeria” or “Mothers”.

1.- “HOLLYWOOD”, may 1, on Netflix

Is the new from the creator of “Glee,” “American Horror Story” or “Pose”. Ryan Murphy celebrated the golden age of Hollywood, after the Second World War, and rewrites the history of cinema in this series of seven episodes about a group of aspiring actors and filmmakers who seek to achieve fame at any cost.

Each character offers a different point of view and, through them, Murphy explores the dynamics of power and issues such as prejudices about race, gender and sexuality that persist until our days.

2.- “UPLOAD”, may 1 on Amazon Prime Video

Nathan, a young applications developer (Robbie Amell) wakes up in a hospital after a serious car accident. On the verge of death, we offer to be “uploaded” to a platform where you can continue to lead a virtual life in a technologically advanced future.

Greg Daniels, one of the leaders of the american version of “The office”, is the creator of “Upload”, a comic series of science fiction whose cast is completed by Andy Allo, Kevin Bigley, Allegra Edwards and Zainab Johnson.

3.- “TRYING”, may 1, Apple TV

It is the first british sitcom of Apple TV, eight episodes focused on a couple of thirties and his group of friends that basically talks about the process of maturing and finding someone to love.

Nikki (Esther Smith) and Jason (Rafe Shoulder) want to have a child, but they can’t so they decide to adopt a child and face a world of new challenges. Friends dysfunctional family eccentric and lives chaotic are the ingredients of this comedy.

4.- “THE EDDY”, may 8 on Netflix

The director of “La La land” and “Whiplash” continues to demonstrate its passion for music in his first tv series. It is a musical drama set in contemporary Paris, night and multicultural that follows a jazz group called The Eddy.

With eight chapters are run by the own Chazelle, the series is written by Jack Thorne, author of adaptations such as “Harry Potter and the legacy cursed” or the series “dark matter”. The songs are Glenn Ballard, music producer of The Corrs or Alanis Morissette in the 90’s.

5-. “BETTY”, may 2 on HBO

The new series teen and “queer,” HBO, waiting for the second season of “Euphoria”, is an adaptation of the movie “Skate Kitechen” Crystal Moselle follows a group of girls that tries to become hollow in the world of ‘skate’ in New York.

Dede Lovelace, Moonbear, Nina Moran, Ajani Russell and Rachelle Vinberg are the head of a division which also highlights Jaden Smith, son of Will Smith.

6.- “THE UNIT”, may 15, in Movistar+

Based on testimonials and real experiences of professionals in the fight against terrorism, “The unit” deals with the work of the brigades antiyihadistas Spanish and is presented as a cocktail that combines suspense, action, and inquiry into the human nature.

Nathalie Poza and Marián Álvarez are the stars, under the direction of Dani de la Torre, who already demonstrated his mastery of tension narrative in the thriller “The unknown” and who has also directed “The shadow of the law”, both produced by Cow Films, like this series of six episodes.

7.- “VALERIA”, 8 may on Netflix

The novels of Elísabet Benavent on which it is based “Valeria” sold close to a million copies. Intended for a female audience and treintañero, the series focuses on a writer in the throes of a writer’s block and a crisis of couple that finds refuge and support in his three best friends.

With the madrid district of Malasaña as a backdrop, the cast is headed by actress Catalan Diana Gomez (“45 rpm”, “Be who you are”).

8.- “MOTHER”, may 8, in Amazon Prime Video

Aitor Gabilondo, responsible for the adaptation of the novel “Homeland” for HBO, has pulled out of his memories of childhood to give back to the genre of the series of hospitals in “Mothers”, whose premiere ahead Amazon and that it will also be seen soon in Telecinco.

Starring Belén Rueda and Aida Folch, the series focuses on the relationships and conflicts of a group of mothers that are going through a life stage with a common link: their children are ill and receive treatment in the same hospital.


Again Greg Daniels, this time in the hands of her former partner in “The office”, Steve Carrell, moves the ‘gags’ office to outer space in this comedy that revolves around a fictional division of the aerospace of the Armed Forces.

Carell gives life to the general and expiloto responsible for starting this division, to the front of a cast that also features John Malkovich, Diana Silvers, Lisa Kudrow and Noah Emmerich. The first season consists of 10 episodes.

10.- “THE FIRE”, may 19, in Netflix

The criticism of the british daily “The Guardian” was presented as the new “Broadchurch” but more irresistible. For a start, the protagonist is the same, David Tennant, there are also deaths mysterious, and everything happens in a small town, in this case scottish.

“The fire” is a psychological drama that explores the causes and consequences of unthinkable tragedy that will shake the foundations of a seemingly idyllic scottish community. The fire of the title happens in the home of Tom and Kate. He comes out with life, she and her daughters, apparently die, but only seemingly. EFE


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