Hollywood stars who seem to be brothers and to confuse in public


PHOTO TELESHOW// WE ALL have A DOUBLE//Matt Damon, Keira Knightley, Daniel Radcliffe, Chris Pratt, and Rachel Weisz.

PHOTO TELESHOW// WE ALL have A DOUBLE//Matt Damon, Keira Knightley, Daniel Radcliffe, Chris Pratt, and Rachel Weisz.

By Susana Ceballos

A theory ensures that we all have a double somewhere in the world. Something surely must be because we have all been confused with another person. The similarities are not only limited to strangers, many actors who star in the covers and massive success are often confused with other actors who also star in the covers and a massive success.

Mark Wahlberg and Matt Damon

Both are big stars of Hollywood. Damon is one of the actors most complete and talented of his generation, capable of moving from comedy to drama without problems and participate in major productions and in other more simple. Wahlberg began as a gang member (since we will count your history that is worthy of another note) continued as a rapper, he worked as a model until a series of good roles led him to become one of the actors better paid and more successful. Damon participated in more than forty films and Wahlberg in just a dozen or less. Both have identity and its own name, and however tend to confuse them.
In several interviews, Wahlberg said that many people come to congratulate him on his role in the saga of Jason Bourne. In turn, Damon admitted that he is praise by his friendship with the teddy bear Ted. Fed up with but also fun with the situation they decided to make a pact. Each time you are mistaken, not only do not correct the wrong but also answered with education (not a matter of giving the other fame of nasty) and even sign autographs as if it were the other. “I’ve never corrected anyone. I only say: ‘thank you very much. Look at my next film ‘The Bourne Identity 4′” says Wahlberg. We must recognise that they share something more than physical resemblance. Formed part of the cast in Foiled, were born just 15 kilometres from each other and are just eight months (Damon was born in October of 1970 and Wahlberg, in June of 1971).

Keira Knightley with Natalie Portman and Rachel Weisz
The protagonist of Pride and prejudice tend to identify with Natalie Portman, Rachel Weisz and even Britney Spears. His resemblance to Portman gave him his first big break in Hollywood cinema. George Lucas, the called to work on Star Wars: Episode I. The phantom menace. Portman played queen Amidala and Keira was Known, her maid, who was to pass by it to ensure their safety. Be aware that when they were made up no one was able to distinguish between them and only recognized when they began to speak.
To Knightley also tend to be confused with his compatriot Rachel Weisz. Despite the fact that between the two there is fifteen years difference some followers will come very respectfully send greetings to Daniel Craig, the husband of Weisz. In the united States, and still are, his marked british accent, on several occasions, the confused with Britney Spears and the star of Titanic, Kate Winslet.

Daniel Radcliffe and Elijah Wood

Both actors also seem to be brothers separated at birth. As explained by Elijah Wood in the program of Conan O’brien the confusion began, “when it premiered the lord of The rings and then went on steadily with the Harry Potter films. The people began to confuse me with Daniel Radcliffe and, apparently, Daniel also happened to him. After, he continued to on the Internet. There, you think, ‘ok, already finished the joke,’ but no, still happening”.
Radcliffe admits that the situation was much more uncomfortable to Wood because it could be compared to when he was 13 and the other 21. On one occasion, a follower disoriented he was approached by a photo that appeared in the face of the Wood and far from getting angry sign with a clarification: “I am Not Elijah Wood”. It also developed a theory about why some people do not usually distinguish them. “We are two types low, with large blue eyes, brown hair and star fantasy films that came out almost at the same moment”.
In 2018, in a virtual chat with his followers, one asked him to Radcliffe when filmaría a movie along with Elijah Wood on identities wrong or that interpret brothers and he replied that if they wrote the script would take in the project is delighted and happy. The response of the hero of the lord of The Rings was not made to wait: “Totally agree with a movie as a couple”. Will have to wait for some study they are encouraged to produce it.

Chris Pratt, Chris Evans, Chris Pine, and Chris Hemsworth
The four meet similar characteristics: a white, thirties, with bodies worked, good hair and light eyes. They are usually very funny, but also sensitive and committed, that is to say modern men and women away from the stereotype of the “template rough”. Also involved in similar productions: movies of super heroes mechadas with some comedy with romantic touches.
All of these common features do that in general, the public at large confuse and do not distinguish well what is what. Them away from getting angry often joke around with the situation. If Pine asked about Pratt responds: “everyone wants to be Chris Pratt. Up I want to be Chris Pratt” and Pratt is often presented with Evans in charity events. On the web circulate surveys and test about who is who or what of Chris is the most well-known. Invited to a program, to Pratt it came out that in reality it was Evans when it resolved one of the tests to know what Chris was. With these similarities Hemsworth is said to be the keys to success in Hollywood: “Make your name to be Chris, but hair brown and blue eyes, and forward. This is the first step. It is an automatic pass”.

Bonus track national: Esteban Lamothe and Wado de Pedro and a few more
Despite the fact that you don’t like a long walk through the networks, in September of last year the actor of The Marginal 2 launched a curious call on Twitter for “a job”, suspecting that “there are thousands of” people who have traits similar to his own. He asked to be sent images of people similar to and received a cataract of responses. We found similar traits to Adam Sandler, the Swedish painter-syrian Jwan Yosef, known more for being the husband of Ricky Martin. Also what “emparentaron” with the british musician Mark Ronson, with the character of a cartoon aired by MTV years ago: Butthead, with the singer Matthew Iturbide, ex-The Voice Argentina and with the sports journalist Alfre Montes de Oca.
But the game of the similarities did not end there. Lamothe has an undeniable air to the Interior minister, Eduardo Wado de Pedro. The day of the inauguration of president Alberto Fernández sought a photo of the officer at the precinct, shared on Twitter and joked: “Thanks for the messages, I’m going to give it to A day later the answer came to Wado, and in tune with the joke of Lamothe. “Oh, the force in this new stage!”, you wrote as if it was the actor who had assumed the charge. Thereupon, appealed to wit to cross their eyes on what was approaching. “With the situation that left us -said the politician – it is good to know that I can count a double risk”.