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How Bella Thorne is home?!

Bella Thorne

Rodin Eckenroth/Getty Images

Bella Thorne paralysed by complete networks with a controversial image in which, implicitly, given to understand that it could come very soon to the altar.

The exestrella Disney doesn’t even appear in this photohowever , what makes her boyfriend, the Italian singer Benjamin Mascolo, with whom has had an intense romance since the summer in the past year.

With emoticons engagement rings, also a director of porn film said they would do “a big announcement very soon” and that was very happy, in addition to making reference to the boats of Venice.

It should be recalled that the actress is a supporter and practitioner of the relationships poliamorosas, as in the one that was involved just before meeting her current partner, so it is expected that, confirmation of the marriage, is one of the very little traditional.

In addition, Bella shared just a few hours after a picture of her in bra a couple of floral arrangements, ensuring that weekly Benjamin sends so that she doesn’t put annoying.