How cares Jennifer Lopez your hair?


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Jennifer Lopez

From that Jennifer Lopez was caught by the paparazzi violating the quarantine in Miami, going to a gym with her fiance Alex Rodriguez, the beautiful diva has been very confined according to the rules of quarantine with all due respect.

It’s not been easy for anyone to be locked up and Jennifer Lopez has also said that it is a challenge, in large part because they cannot count with the help of his entourage of collaborators who always take care of their personal grooming.

But far from feeling overshadowed by the absence of their assistants and stylists, the singer showed as it is your real hair, without extensions, and with their curls, and left to see that the natural, your hair steals the applause.

The interpreter of new york hanged himself in his Instagram a photograph which shows the inside of the swimming pool of his home, basking in the sun, and despite the fact that her sexy bikini was the one who stole the show, many of her fans did not stop to talk of her hair.

J. Lo showed that the quarantine has worked to boast about your hair as it is, and has been known to take care of it very well.

The photograph of the girlfriend of A-Rod was so successful, that in a short time reached 3 million likes.

Few days ago the protagonist of the movie Selena posted a beautiful message on your social networks, where hacíá an urgent call.

Jennifer Lopez uploaded a video to Instagram, with emphasis on the importance of staying at home, since the pandemic of coronavirus has been spreading rapidly, and no mercy has ended many lives and influenced a large number of people.

In his account of the Diva from the Bronx, accompanied by her fiance, sent a message to that eventually people who have not taken seriously this terrible global problem of health led by the COVID-19 to raise awareness.

The super star sent the message via a video, which had millions of views, in which you will see in the comfort of your own home lying on the shoulder of his beloved A-Rod and of a very clear, concrete and, especially, almost by way of appeal requested the favor of respecting the quarantine, so he began by saying: “Hello to all ✨? please the best way to stop the spread of COVID-19 is to stay at home. @Arody #IStayHome”.

Then the famous singer stressed that they were doing this to protect the health staff and thanked them for the invaluable work that they have been doing: “For those on the front line: doctors, nurses and technicians who work so hard to keep everyone safe. Thank you.”

To finish the message the former baseball player he supplemented: “We we are [email protected] go ahead and tell us who you’re going to stay at home. #NewYorkTough #StopTheSpread”, posting the same video on his personal account of Instagram.