I fight of cats! Bella Thorne arrives to the hands and the strip to the floor!


For wherever you look to Bella Thorne there is no trace of the girl Disney that was in your time. And if the father of Miley Cyrus has gone through the head revive the character who played your daughter, Hannah Montana, by the head of Bella, there is not the space to do so. It has happened to other types of productions, to adults and in which they even get the hands with all that lays ahead!

Note that the actress wants to give something more than publi to ‘Chick fight’ a comedy with dyes something dark in the appearing with other famous faces such as Alec Baldwin. Bella makes role of hardone of those fighters who earn their living by beating other not less strong, although from what is known, the hardness of his character it is the same during the fights in their day-to-day because the life has not treated him at all well.

Olivia is the name of your character that Alec Baldwin in the form of coach will try to make channel your anger and frustration to change your way of life and fight.

The paper comes to him that neither the hair to Bella. Not given to moments of long shots –except as specifically required – in the tape there is no site or for dresses or to wear, quite the opposite.

Club clandestine fights, struggles with other women, ground shock and debris is the general tone of the filmalways reaches the hands and there is always a winner, a fight of cats where you don’t always win Bella.

Since she is an actress, Thorne wanted to make a movie of struggle, and now already has, and being the protagonist, he would not have been able to think of anyone better than her to interpret it.