“I hope to be heard and felt”: An interview with Lizzo


When you enter the name of Lizzo in the finder, appear all sorts of stories and interviews about his life and career (that is practically the same thing). You’ll be able to read that he left the university to pursue her dream of becoming an artist, and that he even lived in his car during a time in the sacrifice that they make several characters to achieve something more than fame or notoriety.

In the case of Lizzo is not that he is different, but his goal was more specific: to be listened to, despite being an african-american woman whose physical characteristics do not conform to the beauty standards of today driven by the same industry that wanted to enter, the music.

However, this woman of 31 years (almost 32), although it sounds corny, it is the perfect example of those who do not rest until you reach your goal even though this seems late and is tired. It was in 2013, when Lizzo his first disc of study; two years later he returned to the studio to work on a new album; and two years later, he released a single titled “Truth Hurts” that went without penalty or glory… or do someone remember your name three years ago?

It was this same year, in 2017, when Lizzo marked your agent to tell you that I was going to give upbecause there was no sense in making music that “no one” was going to listen, or at least not to the masses as we used to understand when we speak of a musician, singer or artist successful. And he was next to several people, including a psychic, who told her that everything was waiting, I was going to get… the recognition, the Grammys, the music heard on all sides.

And it was so. Two years later (as if it was a tradition of Lizzo), entered new account when studying to get Cuz I Love Youone of the albums most acclaimed 2019 that led the international lists of the best of that year, and the funny thing is that the applause came from the hands of “Truth Hurts” –integrated in the deluxe edition of this album– and the social platforms.

From that moment on, Lizzo became a phenomenon quite peculiar for two reasons no children. The first is his mixture of hip hop, R&B and pop integrated in their songs and the way he plays with his voice. And the second, the discourse behind each song, lyrics and music video listed, and that is something that we know but we need to remember it every minute of every day: self-lovea love that transcends the body, but above all, beyond this.

Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images for RADIO.COM

Lizzo was visiting Mexico City for a showcasand, and we had the opportunity to talk with her about the real person behind the figure that has come to be known in the world, its future and the revelation to herself of what would happen in the future if your next job has the same success or impact as Cuz I Love You.

Q: I read an interview of 2017 that you felt tired with the idea of making music that no-one was going to listen… So, if you had the chance to talk with Lizzo at that time, what would you say at this time?

Lizzo: She would not believe it, because you know, she already had people in 2017 telling me about the things that are happening now, in this moment. Were people, from the executives of the record labels up to a medium psychic, I said, “You’re going to win Grammys. Your song will do very well, you’re going to connect with people and you’re going to travel the world.” And not what I believed at that time, I was like “Yes, what you say”…

Q: Ever said “If my next album is not like this (Cuz I Love You)… I will be very grateful”.How can you be so sure of that?what would happen if tomorrow your next album or music does not cause the same impact?

Lizzo: No, yes I would be grateful, I’m sure of it. I’m sure of that because I have done it before. I pulled out albums, and none had the same impact Cuz I Love You, and I was grateful and happy for how it had been…

Here I leave the full interview with Lizzo: