Images and more tender than Alex Morgan pregnant


“I’m ready for that baby girl to be born already”, says the footballer, who will be a mother in April.


Alex Morganone of the great names in women’s football, is in full countdown of your pregnancy: it is expected that your daughter is born in April, in time for the footballer USED to be able to join the olympic team of his country, a great favorite for the gold in the Olympics Tokyo-2020.

We’ve seen Alex in training pregnant of 7 months, with her teammates of the national team of the united states or without them, always under the supervision and exhibiting a perfect physical state.

In statements to the popular show ‘Good Morning America’, the chain ABCthe footballer has stated that “I’m ready for the little is born already”.

“Get away from football is something a little strange and different for me, but I’m enjoying it. I hope that the girl will come to a world in which you can achieve bigger and better things that I can achieve never,” he added.

“I hope I get to bigger and better things that I can achieve never,” he says.

The daughter of Alex and also a footballer Servando Carrascoright now no team in the MLS, to good insurance practice sport; in addition, it will be ‘olympic’ being a baby: it is expected that trip with his parents to Japan.

Between their sessions of maintenance balompédico, the Silver shoe of the World France-2019 as well as second in the FIFA The Best and third in the Golden ball female 2019 has been relaxed with walks and sunbathing on the beaches of California together with her husband, her sister Jenniferhis brother-in-law Ryan Romero and your niece Liv.

Loving kiss from your niece in the tummy and ‘getaways’ in family between workouts.

And precisely Alex and Liv have had a few tender images, with the sobrinita kissing affectionately the belly of his famous aunt: she also waits expectantly for the arrival of her cousin.

Embellished with their most loved ones, their 30 years Alex Morgan you have found the balance between their state of good hope and ambition in sport. And yes, it is overflowing with happiness.

PHOTO: CATCH @alexmorgan13of / @liv_morgan_romero